Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mini-bowls and necklaces

Trying again to photograph the new pieces. Back to laying them flat on the table, and hoping to get the best view of the piece. 
This neck piece is a collection of rods, wrapped with black cotton cord, and strung on rubber cord.

 Gray and Gold big beads, filled with aluminum foil to make them lightweight. Strung on shiny black cord.

Two sides of the same neck piece. Strung on white satin cord. SOLD

Again, two sides of the same piece, slightly different aspect. Strung on satin cord.

A collection of beads with different surface decorations, including the silver leaf on white and silver leaf on black. Strung on black leather cord.

 A longer necklace, with a long silver leaf tube as the centerpiece.
All necklaces come with coordinating earrings for pierced ears. $35, free shipping. Email me.

And then some little bowls, just for fun.

Two views of the same bowl. Deeper than the others.

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