Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Clay

Happy New Year Dear Reader,
We are such party poopers. Nothing exciting for us on New Year's Eve. I did make a semi-party-food tray for dinner. Cheeses, crunchy bread, fruit and a nice red wine blend of merlot and cabernet. But both of us are experiencing a bit of the cough that our friends and family has shared with us, so it was early to bed.... until our neighbors set off fireworks at midnight.
Today I wandered into the studio and cooked up some new pieces. It is so nice to have a spot to work and leave things unfinished til inspiration reappears.
One of the tools I invested in was a clay extruder, and decided today was the day to play with it again.
All items are available for $25+$4 shipping. Email me.
Braided Wedge
 The skinny strings of clay were extruded, twisted together and pressed into a base of clay,  and baked.  The beads below are aluminum foil wrapped with extruded strings and are lighter than fully clay beads. Wood beads and a magnetic closure finish off the necklace.
Wrapped Beads SOLD

Bronze Lentils SOLD
 And for something completely different, I went for a bronze look. Dark clay worked into lentil beads dusted with mica powder and baked. I had a string of coordinating faceted glass beads to complete the look.
Lariat Sampler SOLD

This lariat style sampler necklace is adjustable. Slide some beads along to one side and the look changes. 
 And below, more lentil beads in white, gray and black. This necklace would look great with these earrings...
White and Gray lentils SOLD
included with purchase

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