Monday, December 31, 2018

Wrapped up in chains

Happy New Year y'all!
I am not one for making resolutions, mostly because I forget what they were, I am instead going to just try and be more patient and loving and see how far that goes.
Some of my weird beads got made into actual jewelry after a trip to the store for chains. Here's what they look like now. Not so weird, huh? I will be switching posting these to my Etsy shop after this and the prices will have to go up, so it is definitely get 'em while they're hot. I've thrown in a deal at the bottom of the page. Email me 
Draped pendant. 14K gold chain, polyclay, I'm keeping this for myself, but will gladly make one on request.

 Rolled Tissue pendant, polyclay. $20 +$4 shipping

Twisted loop pendant. $20 +$4 shipping

 Bouquet pendant. $25+$4 shipping. Isn't that adorable?
 Folded with Gold, polyclay with gold leaf. $25 +$4 shipping. SOLD

  Folded white, $20 + $4 shipping

  Rolled Tube, $20 +$4 shipping.
And then some not on chains...

Black and White Sampler necklace, $30 + $4 shipping

White with Black sampler $25+ $4 shipping

  Double Loop pendant, with extra long chain, $25+$4 shipping.

  Red and white necklace, $25+$4 shipping.

And then I made a bunch of earrings! O these were so much fun. And so tiny. One set free with necklace purchase. All are on nickle free steel posts, with large disc backs.

set one

set two

set three

set four

set five

set six

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