Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Son of Superbowl

 For my second bowl I wanted to make it all from one cane, one big cane, reduced to tiny detail, and then applied to a smaller bowl, insuring I wouldn't run out of slices. I chose a Corelle shallow soup bowl from our own set. 9 " wide by maybe 2" deep.
This one took only part of one day to make and while I accomplished my goal, I was disappointed in the color. I used wonderful colors, but the more I reduced the cane, the smaller the sample of each became and it lost its 'carnival' look and became merely cohesive. A good lesson.

 I am happy to say it was much easier to remove after curing, since the Corelle was super slick to begin with. 

The difference in the shine is obvious here. The inside which was made on the backside of the bowl is shining just right, and the back which is where I did the composing is matte and not nearly as slick as in the reverse. 

 No attempt was made to make each hexie the same, yet occasionally they did match. I am going to try again today to achieve a color set that remains joyous as planned.

And just for fun, a new Nautilus necklace with two matching pairs of earrings. $25+$4. Email me. SOLD.