Monday, January 21, 2019


 My newest bowl, bigger and better. It's about 12" in diameter and about 3 inches deep. I went to the local Salvation Army store looking for glass items to cover and hit the jackpot. Then I proceeded to make canes which I sliced and assembled directly onto the backside of this piepan. Because it is Pyrex, I could bake the clay right on it in the oven. 

 When it was cool I began looking for ways to remove it from the pan and settled on a plastic butter knife. It was slow work going around the edge loosening the clay gently, careful not to split or crack the piece. It was just flexible enough to allow me to wiggle it a bit. But I waited to pop it off until I was confident it would not break. Voila! Patience has worked.

 I ran out of my original cane, and had to make more, different of course, and you can see the variety of different hexies in this close-up.

 As it sits in the sun, the gaps are visible, and the thin walls allow the sun's glow to pass through. I am so excited to be able to make patterns like this millefiore design. My quilting friends have made quilts like this, which of course were way too much work for me. But I loved them and now I get to play with similar ideas.

 Here's the naked pie pan, cleaned up and ready to make another bowl.


  1. That's a beauty! It's fun watching you embrace this new medium.

  2. I wonder if you could put a thin layer of oil before laying the cane if that would help pop it out easier? Beth

    1. I've read that Armor All would help release the clay, but it wasn't that difficult to get it off, I was just being extra careful.

  3. Have you glazed this bowl or are you using a type of clay that is naturally shiny? Fimo and Sculpy seem to come out very matte and need to be glazed to achieve the shine that your bowl has. It's beautiful!

  4. Because I put the clay on the outside of the back of the plate, the inside was up against the smooth hard surface of the glass which results in the shine. I did nothing else to make the shine happen. I used Fimo, Sculpey and Kato all at once.

  5. Superbowl..... great time of the year to be making super bowls.

  6. Oh my good gracious me! Stunning!