Saturday, February 16, 2019

Busy Busy

Lots of good things have been going on here at Chez Johnson...I have hired a housecleaner, since my knees can't get to the dirt in corners, and what a huge difference she has made!!! The first time she came she cleaned the floors, staircase baseboards, vacuumed the mountains of doggie fur everywhere, and made the kitchen sparkle. It was such a relief to have this done. We kept the house clean for a whole week, and on her second visit she cleaned the sunroom (no more dead flies!!) and upstairs bathroom. 

 O how lovely to have a clean baseline again, after the annis horribilis is over. Dave health has improved so much that I have the mental space to actually think about making this place our home. I haven't hung artwork or quilts in the year we've been here. Not like me at all.

So I made a collage to celebrate!
Dotty Collage. 12" square mounted on watercolor paper, mounted on stretched canvas 3/4" deep. Gelli printed papers, stamping, drawing, ink, pencil, stencils. Sealed with gloss medium.
 I love to draw into the collage after it is assembled. Layers of detail inviting a closer look. $100 + 7 shipping. Email me.
Finished vest and half of the finished pullover for Joan in Missouri. Part of the knitting that is getting done of late.
And some beads got strung!
Triangle, Squares and Balls with Gold $20 SOLD

Triangles in Gold and White $20

Folded Pendant and earrings set $20

Donuts in white and gold with folded bead $20

Folded circles with crystal beads and disc earrings, $20
Red Knots...I think I'll keep these.

Free shipping for all the jewelry. 


  1. So pleased to hear that Dave' has improved! I love the collages you're doing these days and good for you going in a new direction with the jewelry. Always good to try something new once in a while. Sounds like a good move with the housekeeper, I have the same problem as you with the old knees! Hope we'll see some of your quilts and artwork on the walls pretty soon.

  2. Wow! Great to hear about Dave's health improvement, and your wonderful gift to yourself of a housekeeper! I have dreamed of bringing someone in to do the heavy cleaning, but my penny-pinching ways have held me back. But I may do it one of these days, just to have a clean house that I didn't have to leave my creating to do! I hate housework, but love a clean house... such a dilemma! ;-)