Monday, February 18, 2019

Pastel Collage Painting

 A few weeks ago I painted a few 12" canvas panels with gel medium, a thickened paste, to add texture over the even weave of the canvas. Then I added some pastel acrylic paint as a base color, figuring I would negate the pure whiteness and give myself a jumping off point. And then I put it away and forgot about it. When I made painted and printed papers for note cards, I cut off the excess pieces and saved them for collage. This square was one of those pieces. Works great with that back ground, no?

 And here's where it went from there. I added a few more printed papers, some stamping and ink drawing and a bit more paint.
  Some of the textures shown here.

Pastel Collage painting, 12x12x3/4", acrylic and papers on stretched canvas panel. $100+$7 shipping. Email Me.


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