Tuesday, February 5, 2019


 I have a few thank you notes to write and discovered I am fresh out of note cards. Not to worry, I have painted papers and can make my own.
Starting with a really cleaned up studio, meaning nothing on the table at all, I got out my papers and cut squares 6.5" and began folding. Then I cut more paper for the notes and folded those in half. A little glue and I was off to the races.

These papers were made with my Gelli printing plates and some homemade stamps. The paper is just 'cheap drawing' papers and crafty acrylic paints.
Now I have used up the best pieces in my collection. What to do now? MAKE MORE!
Here's a video from Jane Davies that shows all the fun things that can be done with the gelli plate. I need a chicken...

1 comment:

  1. they are so colorful and will cheer up the post office as they pass through it. My fav forever stamps at the moment are the john lennon imagine and have you smelled the new popcicles scratch and sniff ones? they come in rainbow colors!love your beads adventures too.