Thursday, February 28, 2019


Gosh! It is raining AGAIN! But good news, my reluctant gardener NICK has surfaced, or has at least  returned my nagging emails. Good thing, but now with the rain, which is predicted for several days, it will only be talking that we'll be doing, versus digging and planting. I am so frustrated that I can't do the kind of shoveling and kneeling that I used to do and must pay someone to do it for me. Grrr. But then it actually gets done right when Nick does it. So nevermind.

My sister Brooke has been away on business, doing inventory in several states for Bed Bath and Beyond and we are getting together for breakfast here this morning. I was missing her plenty and since she suggested latkes, that is what I will be making, along with bacon, a necessary enticement. Breakfast is her preferred meal and that makes me happy since I am a morning person, no kidding. 

I got up early in anticipation, 4am ( silly me) and showered and dressed and had my initial cup of coffee and a few minutes (45)  browsing Pinterest. I was lured into looking at videos of Jane Davies at work, as usual, and that lead me to thinking about making some new stamps. These shapes are ones I use often, and have old cruddy versions which needed replacing. I use sticky back foam which is available at any children's crafts section, and then cut the foam to shape and stick it on wine corks. I just happen to have a few at my disposal. ha!  

 The thing about stamps is that it is easy to make patterns of repeats and I love that look. Printed even or uneven, they still make me happy.
 Here's the close-up of the ends of the corks, with the foam stuck on. One of those is a tile separator, which makes a perfect X but doesn't have the squared off edges of the hand cut one. You can guess that I will be making collage papers using these in the very near future. Good play for a rainy day.