Monday, March 11, 2019

Rescue Quilt

There I was minding my own business, wasting time on Pinterest, when I saw a quilt top that led me to Ebay...and then saw this neglected, pack away,  quilted Grandma's Flower Garden which had been found in one of those storage lockers, in Waco, Texas and was up for bidding. They had a price listed, like $39, and also would accept a best offer. Hmm. On a whim, I bid $28 and won. Amazing. I never win anything, mostly because I never bid or enter, or try anything.
So today it arrived and I washed it, dried it and here it is on the floor of our sunroom.
It is hand pieced and hand quilted. It's in pretty good shape, a few stains, and some faded fabrics, so I am guessing it is 20-30 years old, but I am only guessing. It went on my bed, and is too long in the corners and would invite our bad little doggie, Tony,  to either lift his leg or chew on the corners. The good doggie, Chumley is sleeping on the floor in this shot.
The hexagon edges are faced, with a polyester cotton liner, yellow gingham. All that hand work, O my!
 Below you might see the faded pieces, and a few stains, or not. Doesn't matter. It is safely  out of the 'dungeon' and now it will live on the couch in the sunroom, making that place more homey.

 Pretty good deal, eh?


  1. WOW! Hard to imagine that you got this for $28 when you consider all the hours that went into it. I don't see the stains and I am only guessing that one of the green flower (between the red and purple flowers) in the basket looks faded. The whole quilt looks bright and cheerful with a nice overall design.. It is a good thing you did to rescue it and use it.

  2. Gorgeous, lovely for a sun room.

  3. That is a good price for a beautiful quilt! Looks great in the sunroom.

  4. I'd say time on Pinterest was not wasted!! I prefer to think of it as research or "short subject" classes..... anyone have other titles for spending time on Pinterest?

  5. Someone put a lot of work into this Quilt. THank you for rescuing it.