Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Transitioning back to quilting

A stack of brand new solids, all Waverly, from Walmart. Why not? Good quality and nicely priced, and already cut for me. I stood there looking and thought, "Won't have to drag out all the colors I already own, and iron them, and cut them, and ..." before I realized it, I had a handful, well, two handfuls and was looking for more. 

My downstairs sewing room space has been arranged for use again, and I can start cutting, piecing and sewing. I will begin by re-discovering what I already have, including big bolts of this very brand of cotton, in red, yellow, and pink, and white for the backing. I've been inspired indirectly by Sujata Shah, and Marla Varner of Penny Lane Quilts, both of whom reminded me of the first class I taught (before Fusing!) back in the early 90's. The idea is to stack four layers of contrasting colors, cutting through all several times and reassembling the pieces, carefully, to sew back together. Wonkiness occurs! But it is fun and addictive and the results are just what I love to see and make. Some long gone examples:

 But  before I get too involved, I have a big quilting project promised for my sister. It's a hand appliqued tablecloth, linen, with embroidery and cutwork, and she wants it quilted. Fancy stuff, of course. I am up for it. Stay tuned.

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