Sunday, September 22, 2019

Living Room to Sewing Room

In advance of cooler weather (pray it comes soon) I decided to switch to the larger living room space, which has the advantage of a large blank wall where I can install a 8x8 foot design wall. I moved the  rarely sat upon furniture out of the front room and into the sunroom, and at the same time brought all the necessary sewing furniture into the new space. The addition of the dining room table (we're now eating in the kitchen on the round patio table) means I have the quilting setup ready for me to start in quilting our Tuesday group quilts. 
I like a house I can reconfigure to suit my needs, which as you may know, change often. I have a rule that all my furnishings must be movable by me. Nothing too heavy or bulky. 

 The one end of the room has recessed lighting but floor lamps provide brightness for those soon to come gloomier days. (really, I can't wait, I am so over summer). I am borrowing one of my sister's Janome 6500P machines, so all our workhorses are the same. But I really want your help in finding the best set into table for my machine. I have one that is great but the price doubled since I bought it and I am hoping you may have a table that your machine sits in that isn't wobbly and makes it pleasant to sew for hours on end. Please be specific with brand and model if you can. Email me.

 This is the space for the big design wall which will arrive on Tuesday, thanks to Tuesday quilter Diane who has volunteered to go to Lowe's and get it for me. I have a little car nowadays, so I must rely on my pals. We are getting .75" styrofoam insulation boards, and I will be using Command picture hanging strips to attach them to my wall. I have used these before and they work great. Now that I have newly painted walls, I have waited a week or more to let the paint harden, and being semi-gloss, I am praying that the stickers stick as expected. I've already hung the smaller 4' square design wall, and of course it is staying put nicely.

 Here's the quilting set up and a side view of the table I have had for years. Really sturdy and fits my machine specifically. 

 The mini design wall has the Thursday's blocks up. These are from my stash and are ancient. Dutch Wax batiks. Simple design shows off the fabric to it's best advantage. More blocks are ready to add, but I will wait to do that when the new bigger wall is up. 

In the meantime, our Tuesday group has been sewing strips and 16 patches and we have three ideas going at once. Patsy has tried out this block and then of course I had to jump in too. Mine is different because instead of strips for the center, I added a nine patch. So fun!


  1. I LOVE that you are so flexible with your space and change it up all the time. The sewing room looks wonderful!

  2. Where do you get the energy? and the WHITE leg lifts??? I have only seen black......

    1. The leg lifts, or bed risers were at Walmart and Target. Both had white and black and also try Bed Bath and Beyond.

  3. I love how you repurpose your rooms! You certainly have the energy! And your quilt with the Dutch batiks is wonderful--I love that block. It's so simple, yet gives such great graphic results. I'll have to try it!

  4. You're so smart to have those torchier type lights...they literally bounce the light off the ceiling and make for such good visibility! So great to have you back!!

  5. Looks fabulous! I have the Arrow 601 Gidget table I have had for years. It holds my Brother PQ-1500S straight stitch machine, which is about the same size as your Janome. It's an affordable sturdy table, but not much space behind the machine (for machine quilting), so when I quilt, I put another table behind it. Since my machine fits with about an inch excess space, I didn't both buying an insert for the table. Amazon and others online sell this table.

  6. I am so envious of your super duper sewing set up!!

  7. Where did you find your large white table that is on risers? That's a wonderful cutting table. Thank you for sharing your space.