Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Design Wall Progress

 Yesterday Tuesday quilter Diane brought over the two 4x8' styrofoam panels and we proceeded to trim and mount them on the new big studio wall. As you can see we had to make a space for the phone and internet outlets, but it is only about a foot square missing from the whole. The crown molding and floor baseboard meant we had to trim the 96" length to 89", but it was simple with the use of a craft knife. Luckily I had a brand new 90x108" batting to cover the green styrofoam and we were off to the races! Right off the bat we put our rail fence star blocks and 9 patches up and began to sew more parts. 

 The blocks are 18.5" and we only need a dozen to make our top, so we are well on our way. 

 Today I removed the previous blocks and put the Thursday quilter's  Dutch Wax batik blocks up and I await further instructions from Joan who has the final count of how many blocks we will need to complete this project. Only 30 blocks are sewn into a piece (the top 5 rows) at this time. 8 inch blocks.

 Meanwhile I have been anticipating Autumn! Here's a cardivest made from Red Poppy merino by Martha Stewart and Cascade Casablanca  wool, silk and mohair. This vest is unassigned, meaning I don't have a waiting recipient, so it is available to you. The sizing is 42" bust, 50" hip and 31" in length. 

I am dying for the leaves to change color to this combination and so enjoyed imagining them while I knit. There was enough yarn to knit a matching scarf, to finish off the ensemble. The price is $100 plus shipping, ($14) check or paypal. Email me. SOLD



  1. That cutout for electrical would drive me nuts. What about McGiver'ing a piece of flannel over the hole so you can still access it, but you can add a block in that area? Does that make sense?

    1. I've had to do this cutout in the past three studios, since outlets are always in the way. But it really isn't a problem since layout of every single block isn't necessary. We finished this top and hung it and it covered the hole without so much as a bulge. And if the proposed layout was larger than currently available, we could hang the blocks horizontally and work from it that way.

  2. Beautiful cardivest. Unfortunately not my size. I’m sure it will be perfect for someone.

  3. I am so happy you are blogging again!! You are so inspiring and I really missed reading about what you are doing. Your idea of using up fabric is a good one and I am doing the same thing.

  4. So happy you're back.......from Canada

  5. Hope you enjoyed you little vaca from blogging. We sure missed you but you sound like you are rested and project bound, which can raise anyone's energy level! Welcome back!!!