Monday, October 7, 2019

My new table

 At last my new sewing table has arrived! I asked for suggestions and got them, so thank you all. The best deal was the SewEzi and it was just what I expected. My machine fits in it perfectly and the surface is super smooth and white with purple to match the purple on my machine.
Assembly was easy too. I am expert at anything using an Allen wrench! The height is exactly where I want it to be, lined up with my larger table, thanks to the furniture moving pads I placed under the feet.
As for sewing on it...I can make it jiggle if I am going a hundred mph but I know this is not going to be my quilting machine, just my piecing machine which means slower sewing, usually. The insert is specifically cut for my Janome 6500P, and they offer inserts for all brands.

 It has little wheels, which imho are superfluous, as picking it up to move it is easier than picking up my dog. Only 23 pounds, sans machine, which you wouldn't be dragging as a unit. 

 The smooth transition to the bigger table is the best part, and of course the fact that the machine sits level rather than on top of a table is why I had to have this. Yup, I'm a happy camper.


  1. Sweet. I'd love a set up like this, unfortunately my machine is in my guest bedroom and so because of space and layout must sit against a wall. Plus it is on a vintage desk which doubles for my typewriter. Yes, I still have a typewriter but it is an electric, not a manual. (Although I do have a little portable manual too.)

    Someday I would love to have a room dedicated just to sewing that was big enough to put a table behind my machine just like this.

    Oh, and I love the purple.

  2. Beauteous! I was a happy camper too, the day I bought a table like yours that gave me a working surface level with the machine deck. I put a small extension to the right which is a pressing table that clamps to the machine table to achieve piecing nirvana...