Friday, October 4, 2019

Assembling Tops

 The Thursday girls had a day off since I had a doctor's appointment to deal with my aching knees. I was lucky and got right in at 10am and 40 minutes later had been shot up with cortisone in both knees, after having X-rays taken. Wow! What a difference. I am so optimistic that I won't have to live in pain night and day anymore. 
To celebrate, I got up early and started assembling the sewn parts to two Tuesday Quilters tops. This first one is 16patches and measures 62 x80ish. We have oodles more 4 patches to use up from this collection. Starting with 2.5" strips and sewing and cutting them down. 

 Then I sewed the 12 big rail fence star blocks. Each block is 18.5" so the finished top is about 54x 72"and will probably or maybe get a border. We'll see. 
 The Thursday quilters finished our Dutch Wax top and got it sewn together triumphantly last week, but it is only getting posted today. 
Next week my Tuesday quilters have off and I was bringing in the Thursday quilters in their place but now, Dave has a doctor's appointment in the same time frame so again we'll get a day off. 
This works out for me, because there are a huge stack of finished quilts that need binding, which is my job. 
Happy to do it. Actually, happy to be doing anything without pain. And praise God there seems to be an end to our horrific heat wave coming this weekend. I am so over summer. 

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