Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Book Report

Frieda Klein Novel Series (1-7) Nicci French 7 Books Collection ...Our little town of East Ridge, an extension of Chattanooga, has its own library which is quite close to me. If I were a walker of any distance, I could walk there. But of course I don't and won't be for a while, since it is closed to visiting. However, they had a great idea of allowing readers to go online and request books and then they call and tell you that your books are ready for pick-up. The books are always in a bag with your name on it and a smiley face to boot! When the library was open and I could visit, I was especially happy to see that my fave mysteries were numbered on the spine in the sequence they were written, along with the main character's name. What a great way to get into a series.

Looking for book number one led me to books by Nicci French. Blue Monday is the first and the main character is named Frieda Klein, a psycho-therapist insomniac who walks the dark misty streets of London rather than sleep. Lots of murky cold rainy walking. Perfect for a cup of tea and a complicated but involving plot. There are only seven books in the series and each has a day of the week in the title, so even if they weren't numbered I could keep track of which was next. And they have wonderful continuing characters which help in the mystery solving, or are actually part of what needs solving.
The mystery to me is that Nicci French is actually two people, who are married and write these books together. How does that happen? Does one come up with the plot and then they argue about what happens next? Who does the typing and who edits? And still they stay married.
NICCI FRENCH | Author Profile
Nicci French is the pseudonym of English husband-and-wife team Nicci Gerrard and Sean French  who write psychological thrillers together.

As with all good books I am sad when they are over, and wish they just went on and on. Fortunately they have also written stand alone novels which I devoured. 
Lots of you listen to recorded books while you do creative things with your hands, but with this lockdown, and my dwindling interest in quilting, I was happy just to hold a book, with my feet up, snug in my favorite little chair and get into the mystery. Snoozing might follow.


  1. I have always preferred holding a book and reading and the body does need a rest now and then anyway.

  2. It's always fun to find a good series!

    I know of at least two other couples who write together (both have written together for many years) - one duo that publishes with both names on their books, and another duo that publish under a single pseudonym. More in the sci-fi/fantasy genre though. So it's doable for some!

    --Jean Marie