Friday, July 24, 2020

Hanging the art

 Recently we had our walls painted white, from the fashionable gray they were when we bought the house. I needed that clean bright look in order to contrast with the color I tend to use. The dining room south wall was the largest uninterrupted space and the light would enhance the detail of the quilting on this work. Bosna #3, 63" square. (I should have smoothed out the ripples before I shot this pic). 

 Bosna #8, 57x53". I have seven left of the nine in this series. So there are plenty to change out when I get tired of looking at these. This should be referred to as the Leftovers Gallery, as everything that is hung here are the unsold pieces.

 On the north wall next to Bosna #8 are some of my oil still lifes. I tried to select painting to hang together that had some kind of a theme, and edibles were perfect for a dining room, I thought. These are all 12" square canvases. My work in oil paint is pretty much realism, while my acrylics are non-representational.

The narrow walls that are in the eating area of the kitchen hold mixed media works for the most part. An exception is the small fused quilt on the left and the acrylic 'landscape' on the upper right. All are 12" square on canvas, with the quilt mounted on painted wooden panel. The thermostat is not my work and hangs crooked. 

The narrowest wall holds two quilts and a mixed media collage. These are the equivalent of paintings hung over a toilet, but in this case it is the occasionally open kitchen garbage can. Note the complementary colored broom.

The remaining narrow wall in the kitchen holds three of the Less is More series, #4,#5 and #6. 12x9x1" on painted wooden panels. 
In order to hang all this stuff, I had to find it. And there are many big bins which had to be moved from upstairs or from the garage, which was the first hurdle to cross. The larger quilts where in rolls, wrapped up together with other quilts and getting to the ones I wanted to hang meant unrolling them and re-rolling until I found the right piece. After a while I just took the easiest to find.

These two pieces, Bon Bon #1 and #2 are old faves, and luckily were easy to find, and already had been hung in the last three houses. They hang on each side of the dining room window, pretty much in the shade, until the overhead light is on. 
There is a lot more artwork in bins, closets and on shelves, but no more in the garage. And many more walls to fill. I used Command picture hanging strips, which are velcro sticky back. And for the quilts I had to resort to picture hooks and nails, which I don't like using, so I put the nails right up against the crown molding as close as I could get. Then I used nylon fishing line to hang the telescoping curtain rods which run through the rod pockets on the back of the quilts.
Thank heaven for my Pinterest page, or I would never remember the titles or sizes of my work.


  1. Now it looks like YOUR house. I'm glad to see some of the older pieces again. And, what a lot of work that is hanging all of that. I'm tired just thinking about it.

  2. So glad you're posting again. I missed u here in Canada.

  3. Your work is beautiful... I use those telescoping rods to hang my quilts too but I like them to lay flat to the wall... soooo I use Scotch brand double sided poster tape along the edges... it is great and doesn't take the paint off the wall or seem to cause any damage to the quilts ... just an idea... Your work is a feast for the eyes!

  4. Wanda says it all - it does look like your house now! So good to see all your colourful quilts and paintings, love the still life oils and don't think I've seen these before.

  5. I'm drooling ... that's the highest of compliments Melody! It's a delight to see them again.

  6. Sooo happy to see you back on the internet. I have given up checking daily and was wonderfully surprised that I had missed several posts. Looking forward to catching up on missed posts. Glad to see your artwork again. Take care. Stay safe.

  7. This comment is a bit late, but I had to tell you how much I love your art on the walls! They are full of life, energy and optimism--just what is needed, now more than ever. I smile every time I look at them. Thanks for the day brightener!

  8. The first thing I did when I moved into my house 30+ years ago was to rip out the carpet (revealing beautiful original wood floors) and paint everything pure white. A blank canvas. Except for the "library" that had awful colonial wallpaper that was peeling, faded and dirty. That was stripped and new wallpaper was hung. The rest of the rooms received color every few years until the only white rooms left are the kitchen and bathroom. Both have tile and accent colors. The are the only rooms left with white ceilings. The living and dining room are gray, the bedroom periwinkle blue and the sewing/guest and Library are dark cobalt blue. Art took a bit longer but I have art in every room, including the bathroom and kitchen. It only took me about 25 years to finally complete paint and decorating in the house. The yard took much longer to finalize and I am still working on it. Replacing the front lawn with four raised beds with trim that doubles as a bench and a new birdbath to replace the broken fiberglass fountain, then some new plantings in the back and replacing two pergolas and one patio. It may take me another five years to finally complete the repairs, replacements and final plantings but then at last I will be done. Sometimes it takes living in a place for a while to finally decide what it is you want.

    I fear by the time I am done, I will be moving back to my parents' house to take care of them. Of course, I have plans for that house too if I am going to live in it.

    I put a sleeve on the back of my quilts to hang. The large one in the dining room hangs from the ceiling. I put a hook at both ends and chain down with a drapery ring on each end, then I remove the finial from the rod I have going through the quilt sleeve and slide the ring on to the rod, then put the finial back. Makes it really easy to change. I have extra chain so that I can climb up and lower the chain to the last loop and then work on standing on the floor rather than a ladder. Plus the height is adjustable so I can vary it according to the size of the quilt I want to hang there. That way they are always centered on the wall.