Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dumb, dumber, dumbest

You'd think at my age I would have the good sense not to move furniture in open toed sandals. I dropped a bookcase on these innocent two toes and that cut short my big plans for the day. Arrgghh. Today the big toe is bluish and the second toe is downright purple. But I managed to get back in the moving mode and got one or two bookcases emptied and the contents have arrived in the garage.

This is the culprit. We have 8, yes 8 of these Billy bookcases from IKEA:
BILLY bookcase white 15 3/4 " 11 " 79 1/2 " 31 lb
I have seven and Dave has one. Over the four previous moves, these have become shabbier and shabbier and will not be allowed in my new studio but will live in our new voluptuously large and dry garage. I'll store my art supplies, finished paintings, mounting boards, garment fabric, and polymer clay tools and findings on them. 
I am paring down as I sort through and condense these items. Seriously decluttering. Purging. Dumping. 
We are bringing the empty cases down to our garage and then I am bringing the contents down and refilling them there. Why? Because we have learned that they can be wrapped with cling film which keeps the contents in place as the shelves are dollied onto the truck.
A.A.C. Forearm Forklift, Inc.  Stretch Wrap

And we are planning on emptying all the upstairs rooms before moving day, so we can save time and money in this, our LAST MOVE. Movers are coming Sept. 4th. Just thirteen days to go. Woowoo!


  1. Ouch! I can feel the pain all the way here in IL. You have moved enough times now you must have a checklist in your head for what needs to be done first. Good luck on all of the purging and packing.

  2. Ohhhhh OUCH!!! All the best !
    (I hate moving .... but I SHOULD declutter .... !!!!!)

  3. You really did a good job on your poor toes!! Good luck with all your sorting and Im looking forward to seeing how you set up your new place.

  4. Sorry about your toes. I thought you just moved there. Where are you off to this time. We are sorting also but don’t have a destination. Yet! We have been here since 1999. 8.5 acres are getting to be too much. Always interested where our quilts art friends live. In your case add knitting. Keep up the good sharing. Vivian

  5. I did that once with a dryer door. It fell off and right on my foot. Who knew it could be so heavy. I'm convinced I broke a splinter off the bone it was so discolored and hurt so much for so long. Lost my entire toenail as it hit right behind it. If you've got professional movers to move stuff I suppose it doesn't matter how heavy the pieces are. And if it just books I don't suppose them shifting around inside is going to do any damage. Still, you are a braver man than I, Gunga Din.