Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Moving Surprise

In preparation for our move (movers coming Sept. 4th!!!) I have been sorting through boxes of stuff from the Way Back machine. Imagine my surprise when I found these patterns intact! I used to sell these to my students and eventually when I retired and put away all my work stuff, I still had some left.
I'd like to make these available to you. Each one makes a small quilt, 18x24" and they are designed to be fused, using Wonder-Under or whatever fusible you like. Originally selling for $10 each, I will offer them for $8, or all 5 for $35. Paypal preferred, using my email fibermania at g  mail dot com.

Summer Floral is a mini version of my award winning Sunflowers #2.
Sunflowers II fits the bed wall | Melody Johnson | Flickr

Tulip Party is also a mini version of my winner, Triumph of Tulips.
triumph of tulips | Some of the fabrics are silk, so they sh… | Flickr

Yellow Bird (up high in banana tree) or in this case some fancy interpretation of a banana tree. 
Then we have Mi Amiga Laura, which was one of a set of three. I no longer have the other two. But luckily I still have the original quilt from which this pattern was made. Note the ancient copyright date. Where has the time gone?

And last but not least, Fuchsias.

So if you'd like one or more ( and save me having to move them again) then please email me your address and I'll send them off asap. Yay!

Update!!! Tulip Party is all sold out. However I do have the original pattern drawing and can find a printer here to reprint them, so all is not lost. I will post them for sale (same price) when that happens. Keep in mind I am in the middle of moving so it won't be til September. 

Update #2. Only Fuchsias and Yellow Bird remain. $8 each. 


  1. i would be interested in tulip party and summer florals - i sent you an email about proceeding with a purchase

  2. Melody can you invoice me for the Summer Floral through PayPal? patchouli(dot)moon(dot)studio(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you.

  3. Hey Melody,
    What do you have left?
    Cathy Bertanzetti

  4. Stunning designs and the colour is mind blowing!!

  5. Hi Melody,

    I sent you an email right after I got your email. I said I wanted the tulip party, but wasn't sure how to proceed - ?

  6. Is Fuchsias still available? I love that one!

  7. Just sent you an e-mail. I'm interested in one each of anything that is left. Fuchsias would be my #1 choice.