Monday, December 7, 2020

Chill Chaser

Over the last few days I have been staying in, keeping busy knitting and watching shows on my newly acquired HULU. St. Elsewhere, ER and Chance are some of the old goodies that have become accessible and O boy am I enjoying these episodes. When the first two were on tv, I lived in the midwest and the time zone put them on too late for me and my need to get up early for work. But Aha! I get to see them now at my convenience. O how I love this.  St. Elsewhere begins in 1982 with all those hairdos and shoulder pads, and Denzel Washington as a very young doctor. Woowoo! Love seeing Howie Mandel too. Then ER has George Clooney with brown hair, and Juliana Margulies with all those curls. That one started in 1994. And it is set in Chicago, so it's great visiting my old city again. Then Chance with Hugh Laurie, a thriller made in San Francisco, 2016-17 and so far so GREAT. 
To keep my fingers busy I knitted this scarf, Chill Chaser, from merinos and merino/silk yarns. I got the idea from another scarf, whose directions I found fiddly, so I devised a plan of my own, which surprisingly worked!
Really yummy and squishy, guaranteed to keep out the blustery winds or just drape nicely around the shoulders. 
 It measures about 16" at the widest part and over 60" wingspan, which is what they call the length of the shawl or scarf. 

The many yarns used make it a go with anything scarf. Hand wash (as if you'd ever need to ) in lukewarm water, lay flat to dry. $70, free shipping, email me at fibermania at g mail dot come. SOLD


  1. Oh my !!!!! What a BEAUTY this is Melody !!!

  2. Love it! Any notes to share about this one? I can see tucking in with this project all January.

  3. Hi Melody, I love your shawl,is there a pattern,so I can knit it here in Germany?Thanks Monika