Friday, December 11, 2020

Truffle Shawl

I admit to being a yarn snob. Life is too short to knit with cheap yarn. I love the feel of quality yarn in my hands and the finished object always looks better and wears nicer if made with good wool, silk, mohair, and cashmere. However I am cheap. I don't like to splurge, unless I can find a bargain. So I shop on Ravelry from yarn people who are de-stashing and willing to offer their yarn at a great price. Here is a perfect example. Malabrigo Rios, a hand dyed merino that is so soft and fluffy and delicious in the hand that I can't resist having some. I admit to hoarding it. And when I came across a listing of Noro Janome yarn, 60% silk and 40% wool, well, the price was right. I had to have some.
When this lot arrived, it became a challenge to find a way to use it. What weird combination of colors. Very light to very dark with orange, yellow, pink, teal and almost black in each skein. 

But then mixed with the Rios, and suddenly it all worked. The woodsy-fernsy colors complimented each other and the combination was just what I needed for my newest design, the Truffle Shawl.
I wanted to design something that had a dynamic pattern, which would compliment the wearer, but not overpower her with too much going on. It mustn't be skimpy or too long, as those bigger shawls are unwieldy. I wanted a Goldilocks size. So I kept sketching until the length and width were just right. 60" wide and 25" at the center back. This shawl has dramatic, flattering lines, wider at the shoulder and tapering to the waist. 

The wearer can leave it open in the front or tie the ends together. It can be worn outside over a coat and then kept on inside if the room is drafty. 
The yarns make it practically weightless, yet warm.

I think I will be writing out the pattern and offering it to those who would like to knit their own. If you don't knit, then I am offering this for $60 shipping included. Email me at fibermania at g mail dot com. Sold


  1. Oh I would totally buy this pattern from you!!!!

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  3. Love it and would also like the pattern!

    1. I have written the pattern, and would like to send it to you. Will you email me?

  4. I'm afraid I'm a yarn snob as well....I've tried not to be but it doesn't work so I give a lot away to friends. I think I have some yarn that would work well for your great pattern and some Noro for accent. You truly do lovely work! Let me know when your pattern will be released....and keep up the inspiring ideas!

  5. I love your knitted pieces - but it's a bit hard to look at them when it's 30 degrees Celsius & humidity if around 80% I'm in Brisbane, Australia.

  6. I love the shape of your design! Would love to buy the pattern when you publish it.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this shawl and have emailed you that I'd like to purchase the pattern. I am also interested in being a test knitter, if it hasn't already been knit!

  8. Hi Melody, please could you email me this pattern, definitely need to knit it lol.
    I’m just finishing off your Mitered Diamond Jacket, a fun knit, little bit of frogging back at times as I’m using up wool that isn’t variegated so my colours are a bit different.

  9. I love your pattern, its stunning. Could you kindly email to me please.

  10. Just found this on Pinterest and would LOVE the pattern. Been dying to make one of your sweaters, but am a little intimidated by not having a pattern to follow. This seems like a good place to start! Thanks so much!