Monday, February 1, 2021

A little dyeing, a lotta knitting

Recently I watched a Youtube video on dyeing speckled yarn and thought I would try it, The dyer used Kool-Aid, dry, and sprinkled it on the wet yarn, wrapped it in cling wrap and then microwaved it. The first skein I did didn't look too hot. It is pictured on the right below. The one on the left is the second try and I am way happier. I really need almost white yarn for some projects and wouldn't you know, I had none. 

The skein I didn't like was vastily improved by a second dyeing. Silky Merino by Malabrigo. 

In this case I just dropped the dye ( in solution)  onto the yarn and popped the whole thing in the microwave until the water was clear. It took about 2 minutes on full power.
The first two are more Silky Merino overdyed from dayglo yellow which I never liked, then cobalt blue Stunning and Single by Wool2Dye4, 2 variations of turquoise in Crazy 8, Stunning and Single in rose petal pink and then speckled Ultra Merino 3 ply. Last is the Silky Merino before redyeing it. 
OK. Now knitting.
 I finally succumbed to buying rubber tiles to wet block my knits. This makes them so much nicer, flatter, drapier, and the full size they are meant to be. Why did I wait so long? 4 of these only cost $20 at Lowe's. Duh.

The Dots and Dashes Wedge. Purple, Green and Teal. 72"x 16, knit in Rastita, 100% merino, Silky Merino, 50% merino, 50% silk, KPPPM Koigu 100% merino, and hand dyed purple Crazy 8 in 100% merino.

Original design, available for $125, free shipping. Email me at fibermania at gmail dot com.

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