Friday, February 26, 2021

A room of one's own

I decided I wanted a tv in the knitting room, where we also have the guest bed/nap bed. Just a little tv to watch while I knit. So while I was at Walmart I looked for a small one and this 40" was the smallest. Seems to me that it is not very small. But the price was under $200, and I have been saving my knitting money, swearing to not buy any more yarn with it, so I figured why not? When I got it home I realised that it was too wide to fit any table or shelf in the house. Back to Walmart to find a solution. Why Walmart? Well, this was just supposed to be a quick little adjustment, and nothing important...heh heh, little did I know what this would lead to. 
As you can see it led to bookcases, two, which required assembly, something I am quite experienced at, having been a devotee of IKEA lo these many years. These are very similar to IKEA Billys and didn't require two hours there and back to buy them, since my closest IKEA is Atlanta. And of course I had to get a few of these nice fabric pop up boxes that were made to fill the cubbies. The assembly was aided by my purchase of a complete set of screwdrivers, which I have hidden in my knitting drawer so they are there when I look for them...and you can guess why. 
I put felt stick on pads on the bottom so I can move them around without scratching the floor, and you know they have been moved around already a couple of times, to find just the right place.

Since I have the tv, I moved my fave knitting chair out of the living room and into the knitting room, and now have the right lighting and a side table for my cuppa, and then I was happy. 

But wait, there's more...This room is adjacent to the bathroom, and just a few steps away from our master bedroom. Lately Dave has been having very weird nights. He talks out loud in his sleep, which then becomes a yelp or scream accompanied by lots of thrashing about. I tolerated it for a long while, but it really ruined me during the day because I would wake up and then try to go back to sleep only to be reawakened over and over again. He slept through it all and didn't know he was doing it. Crabby became my constant state and I would have to retreat to take a nap for hours almost every day. So as I looked at the nice room I had made for knitting and napping, I thought...why not clear it of everything that isn't mine, and call it my new bedroom. YES! So major closet and bookshelf, guitars and small chests of drawers moving took place over two days and now I have made it a perfectly Melody sanctuary. I slept so much better, even tho I still get up and dose him every two or three hours, but I can do that sorta without waking up. 
And I can't hear his vocalizing or yelling and that really makes a huge difference for my sleeping. And only one little dog sleeps with me here!

I am so much more my old self now and even Dave has noticed. Where is that short tempered complaining harridan? Gone!

And Dave now has the whole master bedroom for all his stuff, guitars, tools, etc. So we are both happy. Yay!!


  1. Good on you, Melody! You need your sleep, and it's broken by necessity, so what's left needs to be of high quality. I know I am nothing short of im-poss-i-ble if I have one bad night - I'd be an Axe murderer if I had repeated broken nights. I do like the white on white shelving. I've got four cubbyholes storing grandchildren's toys, but mine are deep blue. I like yours better. Fortunately we're close to being able to get rid of the pull-alongs and Duplo, so it will be more orderly soon.

    Keep well, keep away from the winter weather, and the dreaded virus, both of you.

  2. Sounds so like Lewey Body Dementia.

    1. Dave has advanced Parkinson's disease. Diagnosed 25 years ago, so he is doing as well as can be expected.

  3. Love your little retreat spot.Would love to see a larger picture of that fabulous quilt. And so enjoy seeing what creative endeavors you are pursuing.

  4. I've always thought that two master bedrooms was a superb idea. Sleep well.

  5. Anything for a good night’s sleep, and this “anything” also gave you a perfect spot for knitting!

  6. You had me worried, I had to go check. Amazon still carries some 19 inch TVs. I can't have one bigger than 20" as I have a cabinet in my living room for the TV and it can't fit anything bigger. I may end up with off brands in the future but I'm hoping their will always be a market for the smaller size TVs.

    My Mother hasn't been sleeping well lately. She looks for excuses but doesn't do anything. Some of it is my Dad. He snores something awful or will get up in the middle of the night. The are also allowing the dog to sleep with them now. My Dad likes it but my Mom will complain that she lays her head on her legs. But I think it is a few things. One is she watches TV before bed and has no routine to slow her body down for sleep. Another is I think she is afraid my Dad will pass away during the night,so she sleeps so lightly to make sure she monitors his breathing.

    I think two bedrooms is a good idea. It is fortunate yours are right next door. Unfortunately the nearest bedroom to my parent's master is down the hall. They just got a new mattress, hoping my Mom will sleep better but it doesn't seem to be helping. They got a new mattress for the guest room downstairs where my Mom takes her afternoon naps but I don't think she will start sleeping down there either as it is downstairs and the opposite end of the master. They've been married 68 years this June so I doubt she is going to change sleeping arrangements.

    People used to sleep in separate bedrooms. At least the more well to do did. Basically our modern living conditions are on the level of those historical well to do. Many of us have a bedroom for each child. Why not everyone? It might actually save more marriages with not only a good night's sleep for everyone but also no conflicts of bed times or snoring.

  7. Good for you having your own relaxing realm! I also have my own bedroom, DH likes to be all tucked in tightly, I like to sleep with arms out and do toss and turn a lot, he likes to read late at night in bed, I can't sleep with a light shining,. he likes a very firm mattress and because of my health problems I can't cope with a firm mattress and have to sleep with a raised bed because of cardiac problems. Neither of us were sleeping well at all so we decided to take the step of having separate rooms right next door to each other - we both have a much better sleep at night and are within close proximity should either of be unwell. A few close friends I have throw up their hands in horror at the fact that we have the two rooms,
    I think it's whatever is best for the two people involved. Your little haven looks so cosy and I was pleased to see the comfortable chair, I'm looking out for one at the moment.