Monday, February 22, 2021

Dots and Dashes Cowl #6

Keeping on with knitting these fun cowls. . . This one includes Rios, Silky Merino, Rastita, Chic Sheep, and Mochi Plus. I haven't lost interest, and thinkin' this may be my most fave thing I have knit in ages. It may be because I can use all the great yummy yarns in my stash, until the last little bits are left. 

A couple of variegated yarns make this look a bit more complex but the solids offer a clear look, and then the gradient yarns bring it all together. 

By the way, I got these rubber tiles to use for blocking. They make all the difference in the look of the final product.


  1. If you are selling this lovely cowl, I'm interested!

  2. Lori, it is a commission, so if you would like to get one, email me.

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