Saturday, February 20, 2021

Winter Fuel

It's been a while since I reminded you of the dish to get you through these terrible winters. Mom's Famous 3 Beans and Sausage Ragout. (the name changes everytime). This dish is so famous that it escaped notice of my little sister Brooke. By the time she was of age, Mom wasn't so poor and dishes like this rarely appeared. But THIS STILL WORKS. 

 Begin with a pound of Italian sausage, which you brown off, the darker the better. I like mine purchased as bulk so I don't have to take it out of the skins. I usually can't find Hot, but sweet works anyway because I add a liberal amount of crushed red pepper flakes. To the sausage, add large chunks of onion and bell pepper, a bay leaf and lots of chopped garlic. Top that off with an entire bottle of spaghetti sauce. We like Prego but anything will do, including chunky. 

Then add a can each of Northern Beans, Cannellini Beans and Garbanzo Beans, and just stir them into the mix. If you like, add a bit more oregano and if you're feeling gourmet, grind in some fennel seed. What an aroma!

Let simmer until you wake up from your nap. We escaped the bad wearhter here, and just had rain. Today the sun is blazing and it looks like Spring could arrive at any moment. Felicidades to y'all who are still shiverin' and shovelin'.
 To accompany this stickum to um-ribs meal bake up some crunchy bread and pour a tall glass of red. Forget Winter, and be glad your fat pants still fit.


  1. Do you add the liquid in the cans of beans? or drain?? sounds good!! Thanks

  2. Thank you Melody for this recipe. I've made something like his with dried navy, baby lima and kidney beans and smoked polish sausage and called diced tomatoes. It was from a recipe I found in the news paper called Dutch oven beans. One of my friends said that it was the same as West Virginia beans and that was what we called it. I am going to make it today more like your way, using canned beans (I rinse my beans)and Ragu chunky garden style sauce. I have smoked Italian chicken sausage that I will slice into "coins". Would you believe that the only thing in this recipe that has "Weight Watchers" points is the sausage. I wish I had a loaf of bakery bread but I'm not going out to the store due to the weather so maybe I will bake some cornbread.

  3. Yum! Thanks for the recipe. I'm going now to see what I have in my cupboards to make this.


  4. One of my favorites! I call it "Melody's Potage". I often add more than 3 cans of beans.