Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Wet Blocking a Knit

In the comments yesterday, Pat B. asked: 
Melody, would you share your blocking method?

1. I fill the bathroom sink with lukewarm water and a little Suave hair conditioner in Coconut. Not essential but I have it and I like the aroma. Wool is hair so a little creme rinse or any detangler helps with the softness factor. I gently squeeze the water through the knit, making sure the saturation is complete and then drain the sink. I may or may not put it throught a clear rinse, depending on if I overdid the amount of conditioner first time around. I squeeze out but I do not wring out the remaining water and then lay the item on a thick bath towel, wrap it up and squeeze on it with my whole upper torso body weight. The towel absorbs much of the remaining water.
2. Then I gently arrange the knit on the rubber tiles pictured above. I don't stretch, but just gently pat into place, straightening from the center out. Then I pin the edges so they more or less look even. With these cowls I have been knitting, I have used various weights of yarn so some parts are narrower than others, which I then try to make equal. 
3. Let dry completely, usually I do this overnight. It is a very simple process and really makes a huge difference in the finished product, especially one with textured stitches or multiple yarns.
My tiles are that awful gray, and cost about $20 for 4 and are 24" each. If I had thought ahead I could have ordered these prettier ones from Lowe's for $24

Or these for $15. 
But I was in the store looking for fencing so my mind wasn't considering beauty at the moment. 
Speaking of beauty, look what I got in the mail yesterday:

Image 21 - New-Lot-12-Pairs-Dozen-Womens-Solid-Assorted-Styles-Crew-Socks-Fashion-Size-9-11

I now have Happy Feet!


  1. You block you knitting exactly the same as I do, hair conditioner and all! I even have the same gray tiles for blocking, lol!

  2. Around December, you can find those colorful mat tiles inexpensively at stores like Ross and TJ Maxx. They are sold as kids mats but seem to be exactly like the more expensive, dull, gray mats meant for adults.