Thursday, April 29, 2021

At Last!

O Boy! The workers finally showed up Wednesday and began framing the deck/porch/gigantic flower planter, whatever this is. They'll be back today to finish the cross beams and then the deck part and the planter boxes will commence. I am so glad I changed my mind about the size of this project. If I hadn't I would be pretty disappointed at this stage, but instead, I am overjoyed.

One of the things I love about living in the South is the front porch. It is so friendly to be sitting out and waving at the passersby. And we have sidewalks, so we have oodles of folks to wave at. I am looking out my bedroom window as I write this and watching people do a double take as they see this begin.

Perhaps there would be a less expensive way to get rid of that horrible Houttuynia cordata. I hope they follow through on the promise to lay down a weed barrier, and take out those landscape bricks while they're at it. 
In garden news, Dave mulched the hosta bed and it looks tremendous, if you don't notice the frost damage on the hosta leaves. I will be cutting those off today.
And then there's my experimental garden. I moved everything to a flat spot outside the fence, where it is easier to run the hose. 

I have more composted manure at the ready to fill the pools and maybe some of the bigger black bags. I have not given up on the bag idea after all, since all of a sudden with the warmer days and nights, the tomatoes and the one remaining pepper (Giant Marconi) have perked up and are looking a bit enthusiastic. The brick circle will be planted today with beans, peas and one sage plant. Woowoo!
Here's the view from my window.


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  2. ok....I am sure you thought of it but, if I don't ask it will drive me crazy (and it's a short commute): you did drill drain holes in those wading pools, right??

    1. Not once but twice! And I tested them to see that the water drained out before adding soil. This also helped me find the flattest site for them. I failed at that part. My yard slopes in all directions at all times. That may help drain the pools tho.