Friday, April 30, 2021

Day Two Progress

 Moving right along. They poured the concrete footings and have plenty more concrete bags in my garage (safe from rain) and will be adjusting the sidewalk to a right angle instead of a curve. Where that cardboard box is, that concrete will be cut away and the new part poured in its place. 
The material for the deck itself has yet to be delivered. It is a compostite like Trex and will be a light gray color. Never needs painting. Can't say the same for our back porch. It was perfectly painted when we moved in last Sept and now the paint is leaving the surface, more with every rain. It's like tempera instead of deck paint! 

I don't know why there is a gap in the middle there...

Anyway I am still so happy and especially so since we had a good soaking rain last night. Whatever happened to April showers bring May flowers? I fear we may have a dryer than normal Spring.
I'm thinking of diving up my pool beds into fourths, like pie wedges. I have sticks and string and that may make me feel a tad of control over what gets planted. First seeds in last night, Sugar Baby watermelon. 

Introduced in 1956, 'Sugar Babywatermelon is a type of icebox or picnic watermelon. It produces small fruits that are 7 to 8 inches across—just the right size for fitting in the fridge or a picnic basket. Red flesh has a high brix value, which measures sugar content.


  1. Hey Melody,

    I'm curious - nosey - when flower petals fall to the ground under trees do you rake them up or let them lie?


  2. I never rake. Petals dry up and add to the humus, eventually.