Saturday, May 1, 2021

Flowers for the new porch planters

 Zinnias! Magellan and Swizzle. For the last several years I have been shopping for plants at the big box stores, and Walmart, and occasionally online, for special items not found locally. But now I have found the perfect place about 15 minutes from my new house that sells plants and produce at great prices and I took advantage yesterday with this selection.  The variety here don't grow very tall, but do fill out in a nice clump which I really will need with the large planters that are underway.
 In this flat are the best all around zinnias in my humble opinion. Profusion is the variety and they ain't kiddin'. Each one of these little plants will grow 18" tall and 24" wide, if I space them properly. That will be hard, as in the beginning it will look kinda sparse, but I must be determined, and give these little plants what they need to succeed.
Then, new for me this year are angelonia, and Vista Bordeaux petunia ($5 a pot!!) which were hightly touted on Garden Answer on Youtube. I am excited to see how well they perform for me. They will be a contrast to the oranges and yellows of the zinnias. I was gonna have a color theme, but forgot all about it when faced with trays of gorgeous blooms like these. The Vista Bordeaux petunia is a huge bloomer, and will also need a lot of space. 
I also have a bunch of Easy Wave red petunias, because red was missing from the mix. They are a really deep velvety red and should spread like any other Wave variety. 
 A true stalwart for me in the past has been begonias. I especially love these with the pink edge on the leaf. They always grow well, even in bright sun. So I have plenty! Next to them are a bag of peppers, Big Bertha and Poblano, (for the veggie bed of course) and behind them another strong grower is blue bedder salvia, Rhea variety. They are usually perennial for me, and are BLUE, so what's not to like. Just in bud stage so far, but I can expect blooms well in to fall.

And I finally got the opportunity to try out the new white marigold. So excited to see how well they do. Sort of creamy colored, but close enough to white to call it that.
 More hosta and Black and Blue Salvia. I have deep love for both of these plants. And the Salvia family is the best. So many wonderful varieties and this one is A-Mazing! It is a perennial and has black stems and royal blue flowers and grows 30-40 inches tall so it will go in the ground not the planter. In fact I may go back and get more. I have seen hedges of these plants in bloom and as I drove by I slammed on the brakes to get a better look. 
So here is the progress from yesterday. I can stand in front of the deck and the planter is chest high. Perfect!
And this box is mostly in the shade, which means space for my beloved shade plants. Yay!


  1. What fun you are having! Your whole project will be beautiful.

  2. I am loving your new project AND all of the beautiful flowers.

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