Sunday, July 25, 2021

Meow #5 In Amongst the Agapanthus

Meow #5 In amongst the Agapanthus. Hand dyed and commercial cottons, fused, hand embroidered and machine quilted, mounted on painted wood panel. 9x12".  $100 plus shipping. Email me fibermania at g mail dot com SOLD

When I am in house cleaning mode, I often move the furniture to get at the tumbleweeds of collected doggie hair hiding underneath. This sometimes results in a better configuration and it has happened for this room. I recently brought a small desk in and now it holds stuff that might previously been on the floor. Not good. And my wheely chest of knitting accessories slides neatly under it and opens up the floor a bit more.  That ottoman and bench are really there for the dogs to help them jump onto the bed. Without them, they whimper, which I cannot ignore. This gingham fabric came from tablecloths I ordered ages ago from Amazon. It's a heavy cotton, and just right for upholstery, pillows and summer bedcovers. Hmm. I have enough leftover to make arm covers to match. I'll get right on that. 


  1. looks good to me. great work.

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