Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Remaking Dark And Murky

I made and blogged these blocks in 2011 and just saw this image again pop up on Pinterest. Here's the finished quilt;
I used the flip and sew method and remembered that is was a fast and easy way to assemble and quilt the blocks. I sold this quilt and now I figured it was something I could make again and use some of my collected Dark and Murky hand dyeds. 
I invited my pal Patsy over to help cut the fabric into strips and squares and we divvied up the fabric and decided we each could make a quilt from our cuts. I suggested an 18" block and we went off to sew, each in our own sewing rooms. 
Here are my blocks, just placed on my table. Then Patsy came with her blocks and we added just a few strips to make them all larger than the initial 18" (for seam allowances) and then cut them into quadrants.
 Somehow, we each got a mixed pile which included both hers and mine and now the assembling fun begins. 


  1. how fun! can not wait to see what you two do!

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