Sunday, July 18, 2021

Our neighborhood

Our neighbors have their house up for sale and the listing has these great overhead drone pictures of the houses in our 'hood.  The red X is our yard and their house is next to us with the trees right at the street edge. They are wonderful neighbors and I pray that the new people are going to be just as nice as they are. Our street is a real busy one, especially since the state is putting in some sort of highway around the bend at that top end. Loads of huge dump trucks pass by daily and with any luck the whole project will be completed this year and we will have quiet again, and maybe less truck traffic. Our town is part of Collegedale, but is called Ooltewah and is the home of Little Debbie snack cakes just fyi.
In back of our yard you can see a dense woods which is where those rascally deer live and come to my yard to eat my hosta, tomatoes and peas. I will be getting a real fence later this year.
Here's a better view of the hill behind us:

We enjoy the sunrise coming up over that hill and especially love the mists that hang below the top. The name of our neighborhood is Misty Valley, and is exactly the description I would choose.
For me living here is a dream come true, altho I never dreamt I would be living here, if that makes any sense. I always wanted to live in a place that is beautiful, with really nice people and a safe environment. 

Here's the backyard shot: Several families have pools in their yard and it makes me wonder why don't we? I'd love one, especially if it came with a pool boy. Just sayin'.

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