Saturday, July 3, 2021

Playing House

This is called Black Eyed Susan Vine, also known as Thunbergia. First time to grow it for me and luckily it took to my planter really well and would like to be the ONLY plant in this spot, as it is maneuvering its way in and under the adjacent neighbors.
Here it is on the front of the planter. That's what I call vigorous! You can be sure that next year I will again have this beauty in my garden, but this time on a trellis worthy of its growth habit. Imagine this in a  hanging basket...whoa.
Inside I have finally hung some artwork, and propped up some more. Concentric Circles and Red Series collages are now situated. It was a fury of getting things done indoors yesterday, spurred on by my new Youtube obsession Sarah Richardson, a Toronto based interior designer. I used to watch her on HGTV but now can just go directly to Youtube for my fix.
In the kitchen, I tried to minimize the clutter on my counter, but have far to go to make it really cleared.

This wonderful house came without a built in microwave, so we have this box instead, which I just moved from the far side of the kitchen, to right on the counter, against everything I believe in. Of course it is so much better here, not having to walk several steps from the prep area. The cabinet it was previously on, moved to the entryway, with art on a slant sitting on top. It fits perfectly here. Who knew?

Then I grouped some turquoise filled paintings on the mantle as a trial arrangement. We'll have to see  how this feels after a while. I had planned on hanging a quilt there, but I have two other empty walls where quilts could go. What do you think about the picket fence fireplace screen? 
I'm thinking it works. 
Note: the pillows are not going to stay gingham, but I have been dragging my feet making the new covers. Everything is ready to sew together, but needs to be quilted first, so la dee dah, I am procrastinating.
One more flower zinnias are rising above all the rest of the flowers in this bed, and just starting to push blooms with lots more buds about to open. Love these hardy beauties! I may cut some and make a bouquet for indoors. Ah Summer!


  1. clean color every where...... groovy ........

  2. It's taking shape very fast! One suggestion Melody. I don't know if you have something you can utilise, but lifting the microwave above the counter is an idea to be considered. At counter level, you can't open the darned door if there is anything on the bench, including whatever's going to go in there, and after a while that becomes... really ... really ... annoying!

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