Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Let Summer Begin

The Hyacinth Bean is already a beast, and I was so worried when initially the three or four little sprouts looked so lame. But all it takes is sun and water and Vavoom! I really hope to have flowers soon, as they are so amazing and can be used in cut flower arrangements. This is my smallest garden spot, but what a lot is crammed into it. The flower pot has pennisetum, sweet potato vine, verbena and Proven Winners Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, which is living up to it's name. I learned from my Youtube Guru what to buy to get the most impact and she was so right.
The porch planter is coming along nicely too. What a difference it makes to have a garden in full sun. Included in this planting are two more varieties of those Proven Winners Supertunias, which just keep on producing blooms. Bordeaux (by the gate) and at the far end the white Snowdrift. It is crazy abundant. Next year I will not be shy about getting more of those in the beds.

 The peony beds are engulfed with lots of other thriving beauties and I am especially excited to have the Rhea Blue Bedder Salvia looking so ferocious. Those purple blue stalks are such strong growers, and even tho they are perennials, they behave like annuals and just keep blooming. The red velvet petunias are peeking out, but have to fight for space. Who knew I was overdoing it with too many plants? Not all of my starts survived. I lost almost all of my calibrachoa, as they got waterlogged while I was trying to keep the rest of the plants happy. Turns out they prefer living in a pot versus a landscape. I made sure to have nasturtiums just in case and they are filling it any possible spot with fragrant bouquets of orange, yellow, and cream. White coneflowers are opening up and lots of red gallardia are blooming, which are making me so happy, as I have always hoped to have these in my repertoire.
 The driveway side of the same bed, with overflowing Easy Wave petunias. If it weren't for the Japanese Beetle invasion, this would be my most successful garden. They have attacked my zinnias with abandon and I go out and squash them with relish. Mwahaha! Still, the zinnias have won and are tall and flourishing.

 I thought I would show you the Prince of Pugs, Tony, basking in the shade. We have a nice matching gate to keep him safe. 

 Inside, finally all three of my shelves have arrived and now I have a place to display some stuff. This is a preliminary arrangement, but you get the idea. I ordered these from Michael's because they were turquoise. As good a reason as any.


  1. Love the look inside and out. Better be careful, they will ask you to be on the "garden tour". Are any of the neighbors putting as much color in their front yards? You might start a block beautification trend.

  2. What an AMAZING display! We live in a very mild climate, where it rarely gets past 20 and the summer is only a couple of months of really warm weather, so seeing the way your garden has gone BOOM! is

  3. I love it! I guess I'm going to have to vicariously enjoy all your green and flowers. We have the dreaded deer and drought going. I've got a veggie garden in a fence and a few things in the flowerbeds that the deer don't like. Thank you for sharing.

  4. WOW!!!! Your flower beds have exploded! You do have a green thumb. Everything looks so pretty! Love the turq shelves!!!! Very unique!