Saturday, September 18, 2021

$7 Bread Revisited

 I posted this recipe back in 2017 and have just made it again, since I am feeling a bit Autumnal. For this version I've added sunflower seeds, both white and black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, oatmeal and what really makes it ...dried onion flakes. 
With each iteration, I hope to improve on the previous one, and this time I found just the right pot to bake it in, an 8 cup Cuisinart sauce pan with glass lid. It is non-stick coated and is taller and narrower than my previously used pot which resulted in too wide a loaf. The picture in my previous blog post was a fluke. It has never turned out as nice as that looked back then. ( No wonder I photographed it!)
Also new this time, I made change in the second rising. Taking a new white cotton napkin, dusted heavily with flour, I lined a colander and placed the ball of dough in it to rise. Then when it was time to place the dough in the preheated (450 degree) baking pan, it was easy to tip it in without losing any of the height of the risen dough. That pan is in the picture below.
 I've placed a gorgeous ripe pear here for size comparison, which is still misleading. This is a loaf requiring 3 cups of flour, and it definitely weighs up at over pound. I would say exactly, but it is mostly eaten already. FYI, as it baked, I made up another batch, which sits in the fridge overnight to rise slowly, developing its flavor. The longer it stays unbaked (covered, of course) the closer it gets to that fermented sourdough stage. This one night only version is not the least bit sourdough-y, but deelish anyway.

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