Thursday, September 16, 2021

Fall Begins Next Week!

It is more than half way through September already, and we are starting to think ahead to cooler weather and items that will keep away the chill.

This a light weight merino shawl made from Willow Yarns Verbena and Malabrigo Silky Merino. It is an adaptation of the Dots and Dashes cowls I made last winter, but this time in a shawl shape.

I've been knitting along all year, even in the hot summer weather, because I wanted to try out new shapes and stitches and expand my reperatoire. As per usual I will be offering these knitted items here on the blog and on Instagram and my prices are (weirdly) based on the cost of they yarn, and not the time/labor involved. I want to be knitting and not have lots of items piling up in the closet. Where I live, in this very mild climate, there aren't many cold days, so I tend to think in terms of smaller items like cowls or scarves, but am amenable to making big wonderful cuddly shawls and ponchos upon request. Being a yarn snob, I really love to use the fancy high end merinos and blends incorporating silk. I don't like scratchy wool to knit with or wear, so I don't collect that type of yarn. 
Speaking of collections, I have moved my yarn stash (don't ask how big it is) to my studio closet, where it is kept away from doggie hair and dust and where I can pretend it is small and not taking over the house. Every imaginable color is available to me, and many are graduated colorways which offer variety in every row or stitch. This shawl is an example of that type of graduated colorway. I love using more than one yarn per item, but will agree to a single color if necessary. Like white or gray for example, where the fancy stitching really must be defined.
I don't mind making repeated items, and just this past season I made 15 Dots and Dashes Cowls and three Sideways Cowls. So if you see something you like, and it is already taken (as is this shawl above) don't be shy about asking for a version of your own. 
Ok. That about covers it, and I will be posting new and exciting items in the weeks to come, so plan on visiting here often to get a first crack at what I've made for you!