Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hit or Miss?

 Here's where I started late yesterday afternoon. I didn't know how this would fit, so I decided to use 'scraps' on hand, I was hoping for a loose casual top with plenty of ease around the bust. (Notice how skinny the models legs are. No wonder it looks good on her.) 
 And this is where I stopped at the end of the day. No hem or pockets yet, and TBD on the sleeves. I did have to adjust the armscye a bit as it pulled, and there really is not much ease when I want to move my arms forward. Not good. I was hoping for a feminine look, kinda sweet and girly. Can I pull off girly at 76? I used three different prints, which in itself was satisfying.

The yoke is not meant to have an opening, but I thought I would give it one, and make it a feature with a couple of buttons. Meh. The gathers gave the bust area room, but also sort of emphasize the bosoms, which was definitely not my intention. Puff sleeves? Not so sure about those either. 

  But the fit around the hips is fine. So I give it 5 out of 10. I will finish it, just in case I lose 20 pounds. And I didn't ruin any of my 'good' fabric, so it was worth making in scraps.

But what is it that will make me happy? I need to be able to move my arms about without binding. Not too much to ask, and have body parts covered and diminished as a public service. I am far from throwing in the towel, as the process of sewing is rewarding in itself. And it occurs to me that I would rather not pull things over my head or struggle to get them on. So button fronts again for round two. 


  1. I like the shirt. The armhole thing needs to be fixed though, I really hate that too. It is nice to see you again online.

  2. I think it's cute. Have you thought about little 'folds' instead of 'gathers'?

  3. It does look nice and I love the combination of prints. Keep trying!

  4. Love the soft pink of this top and I'm with you on avoiding the struggle to pul things over our heads!