Monday, June 17, 2024

Fabric Sets

The fabric I ordered showed up on Saturday, along with a vintage pattern I found on Ebay. Oooh so happy! This is all Waverly cotton from Walmart. Actually I already had big lengths of red and yellow, so I just added those to this stash. I will prewash everything before cutting out a pattern, having learned from experience. 

This pattern is no longer available, and I had wanted it for some time, and voila, just when I was ready to sew, it appeared on Pinterest and I followed the link and snatched it right up. I like the small yoke feature and while it has pleats on the bodice, I am probably going to just gather up that part. I was inspired by my fashion guru Marcia Lois Riddington, who repurposes fabrics from the past, and is just such a clever sewist. Here she is wearing her take on this pattern, from 2019. We love pockets. And necklaces.

So for fun, I have coordinated my long-saved prints and now I will have to decide which to use for what.
 Our weather has gotten ferociously steamy of late and staying indoors to sew is the perfect solution. At church yesterday I wore a summery top and nearly froze to death. So even summer wear has to provide a bit of protection from the AC. As I look at the darker colors here, I am reminded of yarn that could coordinate, especially the royal and the purples.

What I must also do is weed out the clothes that I will never again wear and donate them to my local Goodwill. That will feel like a fresh start. 


  1. I am so happy you are posting again. Love seeing what you are up to.

  2. I am where you are in regards to purging. Slowly, every year I purge more because now that I am retired I just don't have use for a lot of my dressier clothes. I live in tshirts and shorts. I do keep a few nice clothes because I like to dress up when I go out to dinner or attend some sort of event, even though many of them are casual. There is casual and then there is just sloppy and not caring. I don't like sloppy, uncaring attire. I still change my clothes to go grocery shopping.

    I love your fabric combinations.

    I bought a lot of fabric when I was taking care of my Mom because she was wearing clothes that were just worn out and she couldn't sew any more. Plus they were her favorites. So I made her some new jumpsuits and sun dresses. Didn't have a chance to replace her entire wardrobe and I'm not there any more to check to see if she is back to wearing the clothes with the holes worn in them.

    The weather here is good for the the weekend so I am rushing to get stuff done. It will be in the 80s Sat-Sun-Mon-Tues so I'll be staying inside for the extended weekend. There is plenty that can be done inside too.

    I bought some vintage patterns to make my Mom several jumpsuits and sun dresses because she either didn't have them any more or I just couldn't find them. I also bought some vintage MuuMuu patterns. I was very lucky to find the jumpsuit as it is long out of print, rare and apparently much in demand. Of course I had to take the sizes I could get so all of them will have to be resized and modified but I don't care. To me they are classics and I can wear them now and they don't look dated.

    Simplicity 9517 Muumuu vintage
    Muumuu Pattern -Alii - Polynesian Pattern 183
    Muumuu Pattern - Kanani - Polynesian Pattern 121
    Butterick 9946 muu muu vintage
    Simplicity 9517 Cathy Hardwick Couture Vintage 1980s jumpsuit
    Simplicity Pattern 7830 vintage sundress

    I bought enough fabric for me to make Mother/Daughter duplicate outfits as I love these patterns too, half of them are mine (the jumpsuit and Kanani Muumuu.

    I may still sew them up. Maybe this summer when it is too hot to go outside. While I don't need business suits or dresses, I can always wear a nice, cool Muumuu around the house or in the yard.