Saturday, June 15, 2024

Just sewing

OK, you've seen this story before. I use this pattern for all my 'everyday shirts'. Yup, it's a pajama pattern, McCalls 5992, but I like it because it is so straightforward and I can adjust it to my needs. This white shirt is the test garment for size. I made it in a large and ...meh. It's just OK. No biggie, it works, just not thrilled with it. 

The fabric, from Joann's, on sale, is metallic silver on white, which when I washed it to preshrink, lost most of its sparkle. I expected that. I used another gray/white cotton for the details, inside color, pocket and side seam pocket binding. Mother of pearl buttons. A big white shirt is useful but I don't look great in this one.
So I made it again in medium, much shorter, collarless and curved hem. I only had two yards of fabric so the sleeves had to be pieced. Not happy with those sleeves and I may make them slimmer and/or add a gathered band at the bottom. No pockets on this top, because of the curved hem. But I do have a necklace that is exactly the same pink and green of this Kaffe Fassett print. 
I looked it up, I've had this fabric for 8 years! It has taken me this long to use this because I didn't have anything to wear it with. Until now. I ordered a bunch of Waverly cotton in 2 yard lengths from Walmart. I really like the weight of this cotton, which works for pants, shirts or as a dress.

Sixteen of these pieces, in oodles of colors. If the color doesn't work, I can return it to my local store. As if. 
The issue is size. My size.

My Michelin Man body means I have to find a style that flatters and that is quite a challenge. Good thing I can sew. A pair of pants or blouse made from this fabric cost $6.27. I'll keep trying until I find the pattern that I love. 


  1. I really like both shirts. The white one is gorgeous and I love the detail. I use the Tropical Research Minimalist shirt, Etsy. It is so straight forward. I made it in every size because I think of myself as the Michelin Man! This pattern has large front pockets. I have had success with the fit by not having the pockets and reshaping the side seams just a little or putting in small front and back darts and taking out the back yoke tuck. Just that little bit of feminine shaping altered the whole 'big mama' look!

  2. Hahaha~ I love a perfect pattern that just take a few tweaks, like everything about getting the shape right.

  3. Ooooo, I LOVE that second blouse. Those are my colors. Jewel tones. And I do as you do. I use solids for pants so I can mix and match. I don't need that many as I find all I need is a turquoise, royal blue, navy blue and purple, plus a red. That will cover all of the tops I have as they will have one or more of those colors. I have a mint green too and I think a pink but there aren't so many tops that go with them. But no more "single use" outfits. Everything has to mix and match.

    I don't wear a lot of white because I am a stain magnet and will inevitably drip something or brush against something and that white blouse will be forever ruined because I don't do laundry well either.

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