Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fig Season

 I am so excited to have ripening figs on our five little trees already this year. I have been plucking and popping them into my mouth, do not pass go, and enjoying their sweet juiciness.
Then I went to my local Publix Super Market and saw they had fresh figs in the produce department. I bought a container ($6!) and brought them home.
 Guess which fig I grew.  ha! Of course it is the runty one. Nevermind. It's only the first year.


  1. Melody:
    Don't count on your fig being 'runty' because you grew it. We have probably 4 different types of fig trees on our property. I do not know what their names are, but do know that they are definitely different. Two types get very big, one being completely dark purple and one looking like your store bought figs. One tree has figs that are a bit smaller and they also look somewhat like your store bought figs. The last tree has tiny figs that are almost a chartreuse color and look like a ruby inside when ripe. Suppose I could take individual figs into the garden center and learn what they are, but am too lazy. We enjoy eating them even if we don't know what kind they are! Thanks for going back to sharing things from your house and garden in addition to your quilts.

  2. I love figs and Black Mission are my favorite fig. Those look like Brown Turkey figs?

  3. I understand that the smaller figs may be the sweetest. So, THERE, you old grocery store figs!