Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Just In....

So much is happening here at Chez Johnson that I have hardly had time to post anything. Luckily I did take pictures of the work, which began on Friday. Here is the master bedroom with 'My Big Mistake' red couch and the queen bed. That couch is now gone to Goodwill Heaven, and I am so relieved. Without missing a beat, we disassembled the queen bed, and Dave began ripping up the BEIGE carpet, pad and tack strips, nailed into the concrete foundation. This is going to be my new ground level studio, and my old upstairs studio is now Dave's music room. We are both so happy with this plan. My new studio will be 16'x16', smaller than the 25'x13.7' of my previous studio, but I have the master bath, and master closet adjacent, which more than makes up for the space I relinquished. Less floor to sweep, no stairs to climb and water so much easier to obtain, for my painting projects. And my windows look out on my garden, so inspiring. Just now we spied a couple of orioles at our feeder.

 We finished clearing out that room and began moving out the furniture from the two other carpeted bedrooms.
My bedroom stuff filled the hallway and that carpet came up quickly, so onto the last room, Dave's bedroom, which also got cleared into the hall after returning my furniture. Here's Dave sleeping in his new queen size bed which we got for him 1.5 years ago. It's about time he enjoyed it. His twin bed got moved upstairs to a corner of the music room, as a daybed. When we have guests, they will sleep in my bed and I will go upstairs. What an easy solution.
Our new bedroom & studio floors will be the same Pergo as my old studio, as it is white, impervious to dog nails, spilling accidents etc. Dave has all his stereo stuff, speakers, wire, four guitars and a ukulele, TV, laptop, lounge chairs and privacy. All of it out of sight and needless to say, inflicting less clutter on the main floor decor.
All that carpet ripping up and furniture moving was finished in one day, and we were shot. Our friend Carl came and took away all that carpet and pad and the next day, Saturday, Dave was feeling like painting, so I didn't stand in his way.
This house came with an almost full 5 gallon bucket of semi-gloss white ceiling paint. Woowoo! That saved us a bundle and it will more than cover this room. This morning at 6 am, Dave the Wonderful was applying the second coat.
I love a white studio.

In other news, we sold the van to Dave's sister (while they were down here visiting last week) and are now down to one car and one driver, me. Yay! So much more room in the garage. Dave rides his bicycle to golf, which in itself is amazing, and it gives him some modicum of independence.


  1. Wow you guys have been busy. It makes me tired just looking at all the work you've done. I hope you enjoy your new arrangement. Judith

  2. I am always in awe of what you two accomplish! I'm sure you are glad to get rid of the beige carpet and walls... the white is a great backdrop for your wonderful colors!

  3. I just love following your room moving, decorating etc. I love changing things about in our place - husband not so much!!! I envy you a 16' square studio, mine is astound 9' square - so rather "cosy" or in other words absolutely jam-packed with stuff.

  4. I love reading about your adventures :) It sounds so fun all the rearranging and planning and a whole studio! Bliss :)

  5. I think it's a good decision to switch from a carpeted floor to a wooden floor. Though a carpeted floor looks stylish, you need to have it cleaned often, compared to the wooden floor which only requires shining once in a while to get back that nice polish. Anyway, the whole makeover looks good, Melody! You guys did a great job! :)

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta