Monday, June 20, 2016


The Toast Corner, which was once the scourge of my existence. At our house toast is the go-to middle of the night nosh and come to think of it, breakfast and lunch and evening time too. No wonder we go through so many loaves of bread a week.

It's not me, it's Dave who is eating and making the toast. In the past the wrappers, twist-ties and/or plastic bag closers (what are they called?) were left out amongst the drifts of breadcrumbs, which were stuck to the jelly and peanut butter drips...O you know the story. And then I saw this idea on Pinterest (familiar?).
I was shopping for food at our local W store and had a loaf of bread at the ready. Off to the hardware dept. where I found this inexpensive small red plastic toolbox. The loaf fit precisely inside, and the toolbox came home with me. Now residing in the Toast Corner it is lined with a red dishtowel and keeps the unwrapped bread fresh and reduces the vast majority of the wrapper/closer/crumb mess. Somehow in all this 'retraining' I have also managed to convince Dave to put down a paper towel when he slathers his toast. Genius!
The wrapper is removed before the bread goes in, and of course the wrapper is recycled on our doggie walks. 
It's fixing the little things that keeps life's irritations at bay.


  1. You are so brilliant in so many ways!! :-)

  2. Don't do toast in this house but do do doggie walks and anything plastic goes -it only has to last a walk.....

  3. Love your toaster; and the box is brilliant.

  4. I feel your pain. I'm retraining my guys not to leave a peanut-butter covered knife just lying on the counter after breakfast.

  5. Definitely Genius Status Melody! My DH leaves the plastic wrappers, AND those that each day's newspaper comes swathed, on the bench, where I swear, they mulitply , and nothing I can say makes the slightest bit of difference! And don't start me on the crumbs/under/around the toaster! How we haven't had a house fire I don't know ... yes I do I clean them up... and I don't eat toast!!!

    Oh, I bet you've touched a nerve for many us!!

  6. Brilliant!
    the toolbox should grab attention of toast making men every where.
    Every woman who read this, winced in solidarity!