Monday, July 17, 2017

Scrappy Nines

 In my quest to use all my scraps, these nine patch blocks helped decrease the mountain of 2.5" strips in my stash. I began sewing them together, willy nilly,  without a  plan or careful choosing and before long I had a bunch ready to make into a quilt. But they weren't nicely light and dark, and wouldn't fall into clear patterns. So there they sat. Finally I made the decision to use them as 'background' blocks against these red snowballs. 

The red fabrics are also getting used up, and three different ones were sewn into this top. Next time I do a ninepatch, I will plan my colors first. Dave likes this one and wants it for his bed. It's small (50x60") for a bed quilt, so I may have to add some to make it grow.


  1. What about a border to grow it? I'd love to see what you'd do with a border for this. Love the colors.

  2. Love it, so vibrant! How many hours sleep do you need Melody???

  3. I have been enjoying seeing all your colorful, scrappy, medallion quilts lately. As always, thanks for the inspiration!