Monday, October 29, 2018

Gray Matters

 Gray Matters collage #7, 12x12", watercolor paper mounted on cradled wooden board, stamping, drawing, mono-printing, painted papers. $100 Email me.
In case it is not totally obvious, I am having a great time playing with paint and papers, stamps and prints and making collages. Such discoveries. I tried for a neutral base with just a little color, of which yellow became the necessary focus. Yay yellow!

And in the mail today I received two little gel press plates, 5x7" and 3x5", which I got half price from I already have the big Gelli plate which is 12x14"and makes big mono-prints. But sometimes one wants to just have smaller I ordered these. 3” x 5” Gelli® Printing Plate
I'll be playing with these soon as I can clear off my desk. ha!


  1. This would be a great quilt design!

  2. What are gel press plates used for?

    1. Here's a short video to show a bit of how you might use a gelli plate:

    2. Wow. I had no idea this stuff existed. I haven't done prints in 50 years. Did a wood block in high school and got some dyes that developed in the sun and printed fabric for a dress. But the wood block carving kinda put me off the process and I never did it again. I did a small linoleum block for home made Christmas cards a few years later and that was it. If this had existed I think I would have pursued it. Thanks for the link.