Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pool Floor

 Pool Floor collage #8, 9x12" painted and stamped, monoprinted papers, with ink drawing, mounted directly on cradled wood board.

 I have a set of ink pens with bright colors and two tips, fine and bold, and can't resist using them to spotlight the surfaces, making bubbles.

The papers are wrapped around the board's edges and then I painted the blank spaces. This really helped unify the composition, but as I was pasting away, I had no plan on the final piece, and when the board was covered, it was challenging to try to bring it all together. My solution was to do a gelli plate mono-print directly overlapping the top and center parts. 

Here's where the 'magic' happens. Ha! 
I start with a clear table, but it doesn't take long to get cluttered up with materials and tools. My table has a shower curtain covering it, plus a 20x30" sheet of white paper. I clean my brayer on that sheet and can use the dried paint to collage.

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