Thursday, April 4, 2019

New Trees

 O how excited I am today. I have new flowering trees and a half dozen arborvitae in the ground, thanks to my reluctant gardener Nick. I know in this light you can't see the flower buds, so I included close-ups. And notice the river rock edging along the driveway. This is to prevent the mud from getting all over when it rains. Mulch is coming to be a ground cover for all of this, again. I will be getting my blue pots to dress up this area, filled with bright annuals. More plants, YES!

And the long view. Yesterday they topped off the beds with mushroom compost and filled all the cubbies. I am ready to plant!
 And here's my darling weeping Acer Crimson Queen in its own planter, covering a deep dead tree root system. I will be planting things around the perimeter in the planter.

 The planter is in view of the porch, and those beds below are going to be planted later today with golden euonymus.

In the meantime I am having Nick and the guys make a firepit for wienie roasts and S'mores. We always have limbs and branches to supply kindling. After a year, the yard is really starting to look like a garden! So happy. Sigh.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures in a month when the color begins! You are so lucky to have Nick and crew.

  2. Oh what fun...... and it looks grand today who knows what next week will bring.....

  3. Nice! This house looks more like you than your smaller houses in town did. I'm happy for your gardening. I love to see what you're doing there.