Friday, December 18, 2020

Truffle Variations

As so often happens, when one is knitting or quilting or with almost any creative endeavor, an alternate idea emerges and one just has to try it out. Since making the first Truffle Shawl, I thought I might do a different border, and change to larger stripes in the diamonds. So this shawl was designed to do just that. Plus instead of starting at the neck edge, I began at the bottom by making two long strips of stripes and joining them with an inverted diamond. From there I added a plain blue section, of two different yarns and then made the five diamonds, picking up stitches from that blue part. Repeating the two blue yarns I finished it off at the neck. I like the blue strip which meets in the ftont so nicely, accentuating the triangle yoke. 

 The yarns I used were Mirasol Tupa: 50% silk, 50% merino, Malabrigo Rastita: 100% merino, and then my hand dyed 100% merino Single and Stunning.

On the table, spread to 60" at the widest edge. I found it difficult to find a good spot to shoot these photos, and then realized the sun was coming up in the back of the house so I moved to the kitchen. Perfect!
The contrasting yarn is multicolored, with lime, yellow, green and blue, but the photos really don't show that at all, even the closeup. Just take my word for it.
Available for $60 with free shipping. Email me at fibermania at g mail dot com.

Earlier this week I made Truffle Shawl #2 by request. I had just enough of the same yarn to finish it, and while I was knitting, I carefully wrote the pattern, which is yours, also by request. Email me.


  1. I'm so much enjoying knitting it! My yarns aren't as variegated as yours, so the effect is a little different. It's such pleasant knitting, and great for during my never ending work zooms :)

  2. Happy Christmas Melody. I hope you and David are able to enjoy the festive day safely and happily. May 2021 bring us all peace and health. Hugs from the other end of the world. Virginia