Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Truffle Variation #3

Merry Christmas and God's peace unto to you in these happiest of days. I am truly enjoying staying home, in front of the fire, with Dave and the pugs, just knitting and munching on cookies.
This third iteration of the Truffle shawl begins with the middle section, knit with vertical stripes. Then the bottom section is picked up from there and lastly the neck section is knit. While I love the result, I did have to knit the front neck triangles last, and sew them to the middle band. I am usually against sewing, if I can help it, but to get this design to work, it was my only choice. Hmmm. 
The yarns used were my fave Malabrigo Rios, 100% merino and Noro Janome, 60% merino, 40% silk. So delicious, cooperative and springy.

My design idea for this version was to have decending split diamonds down the front which I emphasized with contrasting darker Rios yarn. Available to you, for $60, with free shipping. Email me at fibermania at g mail dot com. Merry Christmas to you and stay safe and healthy ! Lovest, Mel. SOLD

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