Thursday, June 24, 2021

A new living room

Out with the old and in with the new. You might recall that I gave my bestie Patsy the reins to teach me the way to get my living room to look fabulous...She found this chest as the first statement piece and we were off to the races. Her best advice was to imagine walking into the room and saying to oneself, Yes! That's the way I like it! (or similar words...)
In search of doggie proof furniture I decided to get an outdoor couch and chairs, washable and plain enough to act as a backdrop for the accessories to come later. Of course they were 'some assembly required' but I am experienced with an Allen wrench, and Dave is great at cutting down cardboard boxes, which tend to accumulate after an online order is delivered. That ladder shelf is one of three, which came first, and then just as I quit assembling today, the other two arrived. The fireplace screen is an actual fence panel which is kinda tongue in cheek as decor, but I just couldn't stand that big black opening, even tho it has logs in it. It still is ugly to look at. I decided to make a chaise from the center chair of the couch and the ottoman and arrange the remaining pieces in a conversation spot.
The gingham pillows will be recovered with orange/red/pink silk dupioni and quilted, which I am aching to do next. And altho I have a quilt draping the chaise, I think a knitted throw will be in the making, as it is more cosy and I really wanted to hang that quilt anyway. There are lots of already made paintings, quilts and collages waiting for a spot on the wall, which will be decided in good time.

I was inspired to make this painting to echo the design on the chest, and have been working on it (still in progress) while I awaited the furniture delivery. 

I am happy and relieved to have this project well underway, and feel even more like this is really home for good for us, and those rascally doggies.


  1. Looks great, Melody! I always love seeing your creativity in action.

  2. That painting is AMAZING!! Love, love, love it.

    ~Becky in Indiana

  3. I love the decorating that has been done thus far. Love the painting that you just whipped up

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