Friday, June 18, 2021

By Request: Home #4

 Home #4. Hand dyed and commercial cottons, fused, machine quilted, hand embroidered, mounted on painted wood panel. Made by request for Rosalind. 
I couldn't find the sleeve to my memory chip for my camera, so I resorted to using my tablet to photograph this work. I like the result so much I may just put my camera down for a time and take the documentation photos with that tablet, which is large enough not to misplace.

In an effort to make this as accurate an image as possible, I have included this shot on the easel.

Update on hanging the artwork in my living room:
 It was a group effort that came to naught. My sister saw that I was planning on hanging my quilt on my own and volunteered to come over and help. I was so happy to have her here. But soon we realized that we needed reinforcements so she called her husband (working at home) and he brought a second ladder and the much needed 30lb test fish line. We placed the Command hooks, and hung the quilt and it looked great, Unfortunately I didn't take a picture. They left and I began reorganizing Dave's room, moving furniture and vacuuming the tumbleweeds of doggie hair. Soon I heard a sound that could only mean the quilt had come down. Luckily it fell onto the couch, leaving one Command hook in the quilt sleeve and one remaining 85" up from the chair rail on the wall. I left it there for two days, finally getting it down yesterday. 
It was meant to be, because after our failure to hang, my pal Patsy and her hubby Charly, took me shopping in their truck. 
O boy! We went to Home Goods and since Patsy had been there the previous day, she found a statement piece for my living room re-do that she had to show me. 

Swoon! I fell right in love and had to agree this was meant for me. We both opened a credit card so we could get 10% off our purchases and were such happy girls. This is abalone shell inlay, four doors with shelves inside. I am so happy. And also happy that the quilt didn't get hung because now I have another quilt in mind to hang that will be better when the rest of the new furniture arrives and I have assembled it all. 
Alls well that ends well. 



  1. I have found that when I need to hang a large quilt using Command items that you need to use two together to make them able to hold more weight. Two 5 lb. on each end. As a side note, I am also discovering that the Command adhesive less trust worthy for sticking to the wall or holding anything up for long in recent years. Very disappointing.

  2. I LOVE the quilt! (And the new furniture piece).

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